No Objection Certificate (N.O.C)

How to Apply?

1 Form –28 (3 copies with signature of registered owner and chassis print affixed on each copy).
2 Form-29 (in case of sale of vehicle).
3 NOC from financier if any.
4 NOC from police dept stating that no case relating to the theft of motor vehicle concerned has been reported or is pending.
5 All valid Documents.

Cancellation of N.O.C. :

How to Apply?

1 Surrender the original copy of NOC obtained earlier to the original registering authority (RTO).
2 Certificate of the registering authority on whom the NOC was earlier issued stating that the said vehicle has not been registered at that office.
3 An affidavit from the owner of the vehicle stating that he has not mis-used the vehicle and the NOC from the period of obtaining the NOC.
4 Fee Rs. 100 from all vehicles.
5 All valid documents.

Transfer of ownership on sale / purchase of motor vehicle:

1 Form 29 (2 copies with seller’s sign).
2 Form 30 (with signature of seller & purchaser & chassis print affixed on it).
3 Form T.C.A, TCR (for transport vehicle only).
4 Address proof.
5 Income tax declaration in form 60/PAN number (except 2 wheeler).
6 NOC (in case vehicle is purchased from other region / other RTO).
7 NOC from entry tax (in case vehicle arriving from out of state whose age is less than 30 months from the date of 1st registration.
8 NOC from financier if any.
9 All valid documents of vehicle.
10 Fees

Transfer of ownership on death of owner of vehicle :

1 Form 30 (affixed with chassis print on it).
2 Form 31.
3 Form TCA, TCR (for transport vehicle only).
4 Death certificate of owner of vehicle.
5 Succession certificate.
6 Affidavit of successor.
7 NOC from the financier if any
8 All valid documents of vehicle.
9 Fees

Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in Public Auction

1 The purchaser should apply for the transfer of ownership within 30 days of taking possession of vehicle at public auction to the concerned registering authority (RTO).
2 When vehicle auctioned is without any registration mark or with a registration mark which on verification is found to be false, the registering authority (RTO) assigns new registration mark to the vehicle in name of dept of govt. auctioning the vehicle & thereafter transfer of ownership in the name of person to whom the vehicle is sold is effected.

How To Apply?

1 Form 30 (affixed with chassis print).
2 Form 32
3 Form TCA, TCR (for transport vehicles only)
4 Certified copy of order of central/state govt. authorising the auction of vehicle
5 Order confirming sale of vehicle in purchaser’s favour , duly signed by the person authorised to conduct the auction.
6 NOC from the financier if any.
7 All valid documents of vehicle.
8 Fee.

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle Purchased in a Public Auction

1 In case of hire – purchase, lease or hypothecation agreement if the registered owner of the vehicle becomes the defaulter, the financier of the said agreement can apply for the transfer of ownership of vehicle in his own name on following 2 conditions. a) The financier should satisfy the registering authority (RTO) that he has taken the possession of the vehicle from the owner (defaulter). b) The registered owner has refused to deliver the certificate of registration (RC) or has absconded.
2 Under such circumstances financier should apply to the registration authority concerned (RTO) for the issue of fresh certificate of registration in form 30 & 36 alongwith Fees
3 The registering authority after receipt of such an application would give the defaulter an opportunity to make any representation by serving him a notice by RPAD at his address entered in the certificate of registration (RC).
4 After that the registration authority will cancel the previous certificate & issue a fresh certificate of registration (RC) in the name of financier.