Permits at a Glance


No Type of Permit Brief description Permit Form Fees Class of Vehicles to which it applies
1 Stage Carriage Conveyance of passengers between different stages without prior contract P.S.T.S.A MSRTC Municipal corporations etc
2 Particular Contract Carriage Conveyance of passengers between two points with prior contract but not as a stage carriage P.Co.P.A
  • 100
  • 150
  • 150
Metered Taxi Non Metered Taxi Maxi Cab
3 Goods Carriers Transportation of goods within the state for hire or reward P.Gd.CA. 200 Goods trucks , Delivery Vans , Trailers etc.
4 Private Service Vehicles Transportation of the employees of the company other than for hire or reward in connection to the trade or business P.Pr.S.A 200 Company owned buses.
5 Temporary Permit Use of transport vehicles on special occasions like fairs , religions gatherings , seasonal business , to meet a particular temporary need and in case of pending decisions on renewal of permit. P.Tem .A 50 All kind of transport vehicles
6 Special Permit U/S 88(8) Transportation of passengers for hire or reward under a contract in any other region or state. P.Co.Sp.A 50(per month) Passengers buses Contract carriages
7 Tourist Vehicles permit in the state of Maharashtra Transportation of passengers to the places of religions importance or to promote tourism in the state P.Co.P.A 300 Semi Luxury / Luxury A/C , Omnibus, motor cab.
8 National permit for goods vehicles Transportation of goods all over India . Form 48 Form 46 300 Goods truck (with sleeping berth to spare driver)
9 Tourist Vehicle permit valid throughout the territory of India Transportation of passengers to the places of tourist importance throughout India. Form 45 Form 46 300 Tourist cab or buses