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All India Federation of Motor Vehicles Department
Technical Executive Officers Association


Power of licencing authority to disqualify to hold the license.(C.M.V Rule 21) :

1 Theft of motor vehicle.
2 Assault on passengers & abduction of passengers.
3 Theft of personal effects in passengers.
4 Theft of goods carried in goods carriages.
5 Transport of goods prohibited under any law.
6 Driver while driving a transport vehicle engages himself in activity which is likely to disturb his concentration.
7 Carrying overload in goods carriages.
8 Driving at speed exceeding the speed limit.
9 Carrying persons in goods carriage.
10 Failing to comply with the provisions of emergency information panel on goods carriage used for transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods.
11 Failure to stop when signaled to do so by any person authorised to do so.
12 Misbehavior with & showing dis-courtesy with passengers.
13 Smoking while driving public service vehicles.
14 Abandoning vehicle in a public place causing inconvenience to other road users or to passengers in the vehicle.
15 Driving vehicle while under the influence of drink or drugs.
16 Allowing any person to sit or placing things in such a way as to impede the driver from having a clear vision of the road or proper control of the vehicle.
17 Not stopping a stage carriage at approved stopping place for a sufficient period of time.
18 Loitering or unduly delaying any journey & not proceeding to the destination as near as may be in ace or dance with the time table pertaining to the vehicle
19 Not driving a contract carriage, in the absence of reasonable cause, to the destination named by the hirer by the shortest route.
20 The driver of the motor cab refuses to play or demanding or extracting excess fare.
21 Abandoning a transport vehicle as a mark of protest or agitation of any kind or strike in a public place & causing obstructions inconvenience to the public, passengers, other road users


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