Registration of Vehicle Arrived from other State or Assignment of New Registration Mark (R.M.A):

If vehicle registered in one state is to be kept or used in other state for the period of more than a year then the vehicle needs to be registered in the later state new registration number to be assigned . While doing so, the NOC from original registering authority & consent of financier needed to be furnished.


How to Apply?

1 Form - 20, 26, 27
2 Form 29, 30 - In Case of Change in Address Only.
3 NOC in Form 28 with chassis print affixed on it from the original registering authority along with consent from Financier.
4 Form FT, AT
5 Form TCA, TCR - In Case of Transport Vehicles Only.
6 Proof of payment of entry tax in case vehicle has arrived within 30 months of date of it's first registration.
7 An affidavit from the owner of the vehicle stating that vehicle in concerned in not involved in any accident, theft or crime.
8 Fees
9 All Valid Documents of the Vehicle
10 With all above Forms & Certificates produce the vehicle for inspection at the R.T.O office.