Tax Schedules

1 Schedule A ( III ) The taxation applicable on goods vehicles is given in this schedule.
2 Schedule A ( IV )(1) Carriage vehicles on contract that carry out day-to-day operations, such as auto rickshaws, taxis and cabs need to pay the certain taxes, as applicable on them.
3 Schedule A ( IV )(2) This deals with vehicles that run for hire and deal with daily passengers. These vehicles run at INR 71 annually as road tax.
4 Schedule A ( IV )(3) Vehicles that run as contract vehicles for passengers along interstate roads have these taxes applicable upon them.
5 Schedule A ( IV )(3)(A) Here we deal with vehicles that run on interstate roads.
6 Schedule A ( IV )(4) Deals with vehicles with special permit as per Central Motor Vehicles Act.
7 Schedule A ( IV )(A) Deals with private vehicles on service jobs meant to cater to personal uses
8 Schedule A ( V ) Towing vehicles used for support and service purposes are dealt with in this schedule and the tax for them could be INR 330/year.
9 Schedule A ( VI ) This deals with vehicles that have equipment meant for special utility. Such as cranes, earth movers, compressors etc.
10 Schedule A ( VII ) Deals with vehicle category that comes under exclusion of the schedules mentioned previously. Vehicles considered here cannot be transport ambulances or temporary location vehicles within the state or with vehicles seating capacity of above 12.
11 Schedule A ( VIII ) Deals with tax for vehicles meant for transport of goods except for those meant for agricultural utility.
12 Schedule A ( VIII )(aa)

Deals with tax on the trailing vehicles used for agricultural purposes only. The taxes may range from INR 1500 to INR 3000 for loaded weight of 4500 kilograms and more.


Includes all sorts of two wheel and three-wheel carriages which are motor driven and have a carriage with them. Tax chargeable is 7 percent of vehicle’s cost (one time)