Transport Authorities (Section 68)


A) Constitution of State Transport Authority (STA)

Chairman Transport Secretary
Member Transport Commissioner
Member Additional D.G.(Police)
Member Two Non-government representatives
Member –Secretary Joint Transport Commissioner

Important Functions Of STA

1 To give effect to the directions issued under section 67 to control road transport the state government throughout the state.
2 To coordinate & regulate the activities and policies of the Regional Transport Authorities.
3 To settle all disputes and decide the matters where RTA s have difference of opinion.
4 To conduct not less than two meetings in a year.

B) Constitution of Regional Transport Authority (RTA)

Charmain Divisional Commissioner
Member Special I.G (Police)
Member One Non-Government Representative
Member Two Non-government representatives
Member–Secretary Regional Transport Officer

Important Functions Of RTA

1 To decide the policies to control road transport as per the directives of STA throughout the region.
2 To fix the fares for the autorickshaws , taxies etc from time to time throughout the region.
3 To conduct not less than six meetings in a year and do the business regarding control of road transport.