Taxation Exemption


Vehicles exempted from payment of BMV taxes ( BMV Tax Act, Sec 13 ) :

Sr. No. Type of Vehicle Rate of Tax Exemption
1 Vehicles belonging to state govt, local self govt, Municipal Corporation. 100%
2 Ambulances working on No Loss No Profit basis 100%
3 Invalid Carriage 100%
4 Vehicles solely used for transportation of school children and owned by school or private person 2/3 of annual rate
5 Vehicles belonging to Orchestra, Tamasha Mandal, Drama Theatre, etc. 2/3 of annual rate
6 Vehicles used to carry school children and other contracts, owned by private person 1/3 of annual rate
7 Vehicles under non use 100%
8 Tractors and Trailers used for agr. purpose 100%